Five fun Valentine day Ideas to implement at your childcare center
By Erika Rivera 10 February 2020

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for people everywhere, as it’s an opportunity to show those you love how much they mean to you with candy and unique gifts. For childcare teachers, It's a chance to develop lesson plans that involve arts and crafts, which can foster fun learning and creativity.

How to approach a parent about their child's misbehavior
By Erika Rivera 3 December 2019

Disciplining students and finding creative ways to help them stay academically engaged are not the only difficult duties that come with being a childcare teacher. In fact, setting up conferences with parents to discuss student behavior is one of the tasks most teachers think twice about mainly because of the fear of an altercation or the lack of support. Unfortunately, for a lot of parents, it's challenging

How to promote a healthy childcare environment during flu season
By Erika Rivera 5 November 2019

When flu season reaches its peak, it’s common for absences to begin to rise in any childcare setting, as it’s a time of the year when children are most susceptible to illnesses. Although it’s impossible to have a germ and disease-free childcare setting, several measures can be taken to minimize the spread of germs and diseases and ensure you and your students are engaging in a healthy environment.

Fun things to do for Halloween at your center
By Erika Rivera 10 October 2019

Welcoming the month of October means welcoming all of the fun that comes with celebrating Halloween. For children and teachers everywhere, it’s about engaging in creative Halloween activities and learning while having fun. Here are the 5 fun Halloween activities that are sure to educate your students and foster creativity and enjoyment:

Reasons Why Your Daycare Needs A Website
By Jessy 14 March

Running your own childcare service is no easy task, and your checklist is guaranteed to never end. But this shouldn’t be an excuse to take shortcuts when it comes to create your own website and increase your online visibility. It is vital to position your business online with a strong, professional destination that gives parents the motivation to engage with your services.

Meet and exceed your daycare enrollment goals
By Jessy 25 February 2019

As a Child Care provider you have your reasons for starting a daycare center and become a business owner. After doing the base work of licensing, classroom decors, hiring teachers, getting meal plan contracts etc, it all comes down to the promotion and marketing techniques you use to become a successful business owner.

Compatible Devices for using Child Journal
By Jessy 25 April 2019

We recommend checking the IOS and Google Play store to get the minimum requirement for installing iOS or Android OS version on your smart device. Child Journal tests all its apps on new OS versions after the OS is released. It may take several days or more to complete testing and, if necessary, update the Child Journal app to be fully compatible with a new OS version.

Benefits of Using ChildCare Application at Your Center
By Jessy 13 February

Daycare facilities are now becoming indispensable, especially for the millennial working parents who need a safe place to take care of their kids during their busy work schedules. While being engaged in their daily work routines, they can’t stop bothering about their children’s wellbeing and growth. They want to be a part of their child’s daily activities which entail feeding, cleaning, sleeping, playing and learning, as much as possible.