Five reasons why a childcare management software helps parents feel comfortable about dropping their children off at daycare

By Erika Rivera 8 July 2020

Let’s be realistic, for many parents, dropping their children off at daycare is still a difficult thing to do, even when they’ve relied on child care for some time and built relationships with the teachers and staff. The truth is that not knowing what is going on at daycare and not being present to witness how situations are handled is why it could be nerve-racking for parents to feel confident about childcare.

However, as more and more childcare settings switch to digital platforms like Child Journal that facilitate their daycare management and communication with parents, it has become a lot easier for parents to trust the daycare and drive away to work to fulfill their responsibilities.

Below are five reasons why a childcare management app like Child Journal helps parents feel confident about dropping their children at daycare.

Parents can communicate with the teachers all day long

Communication makes the world go round, so having the resources to connect with a teacher brings every parent the peace they need to go about their day happily. Child Journal reduces parent concerns because they can contact the teacher any time through the in-app messaging feature designed to access the child’s teacher when those not-so-happy thoughts begin to go round in the mind. Child Journal comes handy when you want to learn the status of your child and how he/she is doing. Perhaps you dropped off a fussy child at daycare this morning, and you’re feeling a bit uneasy. The only thing parents have to do is locate the application, compose a quick message, and receive a fast and reassuring response from the teacher. Parents love how simple it is to exchange information through the app and understand how valuable it is to have a resource that connects them to their child’s school.

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They get some virtual time with their child

Have you ever watched how some parents linger at daycare before they head to work? These parents have yearned special interactions with their children and want to take in any special moment they can cherish in their memory. After all, working parents are robbed of these special moments and, therefore, have to walk out of the facility with frowning faces and guilt in their hearts. For a long time, this is the way parents had to end drop off time. But, Child Journal has completely changed this for every parent so that they won't ever miss their child's most precious experiences. Child Journal offers parents the opportunity to join in on their child's daily adventures through a virtual environment where they can see pictures of their kids and footage of those special moments. Parents no longer have to feel guilty of walking out the door to fulfill life's daily demands because they can connect with their kids and join in on the moments that matter most to them.

Parents can rely on a platform that provides peace of mind

Let's face it! Working parents don't always have the liberty of calling into work at the last minute and can't easily decide between staying home with their mildly sick child. Unfortunately, these types of demands oblige a parent to send their child to daycare. Making these decisions is difficult for most parents, mainly because they can't assist their sick child or witness whether their symptoms are getting better. But nowadays, it's less painful for parents to make these types of decisions because they can rely on a platform that keeps them in the know of their child's health and performance. Child Journal offers parents a way to see what time their child had his medication, how well he or she ate, and an overall look at his or her activities. Perhaps nobody can care for their sick child better than a mother, but Child Journal can ease any worried parent while making it to pick up time. And that's what brings them comfort.

They love seeing teacher commitment to student learning

Parents are always looking for quality care. It doesn't matter if they enrolled their child at an accredited facility a year ago. They're still checking to see if the daycare is living up to its standards. One way they monitor quality care is by the conversations they have with their teachers through Child Journal. Parents love receiving messages where they can notice the efforts that are put into their child's learning. Child Journal lets them see what activities they're teaching at school and whether their academic performance was satisfactory. Scrolling through the child's daily log to find a list of activities performed by their child is also very pleasing to a parent as it shows the teacher's dedication and commitment to student learning. It also proves to the parents that they chose the right center for their child's early education.

Parents love making childcare payments through the app

When it comes to making payments, we all seek options that will facilitate our payment needs and reduce person-to-person interactions. Parents love the option to pay for tuition through the Child Journal app because it keeps them organized. The only thing they have to do is browse through the unpaid invoice list and click the invoice they want to pay. They can also see a history of paid invoices and can refer to them anytime records are needed. The convenience of the payments and invoice feature also eliminates the need for writing checks and the drive to the center to drop off payment, so that each parent can address their responsibilities while they comfortably sit at home.

Don't disregard the opportunity of creating happier parents. Schedule a demo today to see how Child Journal can help you build an environment where parents feel confident and comfortable.