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All The Features For Your Center's Management

Now managing your center has become a lot more easier!

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Student Attendance

Sign in-out students using the mobile app to see real-time room ratio and easily run reports for licensing and management purposes.

Invoicing & Billing

Invoice parents online and start accepting payments seamlessly. Accept credit/debit cards, online bank transfers, cash/checks with ease.

Daily Activity Sheets

Post child activities and their beautiful moments with their parents instantly so the parents do not miss seeing their child grow.

Parent Communication

Admins can now digitally communicate with parents and keep them updated about the latest news and announcements.

Center Management

Eliminate stacks of papers and store child records in the app to easily view them anywhere and anytime within the application.

Generate Reports Instantly

Generate payroll reports, attendance reports, activity reports, finance reports using Child Journal.

Optimize Your Marketing

You know how important it is for your marketing strategies to be in good working order. With this software, you have access to tools that help you achieve it.

Why Choose Us

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Very Affordable

We provide the best childcare technology at a very affordable price. Say no to the paper journals!

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User Friendly

Setup was never so easy. Teachers and parents can dive right in the flow with our extremely friendly user interface

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Encrypted Data

Your child's data is safely stored so that only the admin can access it. We take your privacy seriously

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Child Journal has an enthusiastic technical team who is passionate about helping you through each step

With Child Journal, you can digitalize all of your most important tasks

We aim to make child care management easy and affordable. With Child Journal, you get a digital platform that registers and secures all of your most important documents so that you can save time and money. No need to worry about running to the school supply store for pen and paper; Child Journal is the only digital log you need to fulfill your daily child care tasks.

Child Journal encourages you to move along with the current technologically advanced management systems in the most affordable manner. Engage parents with digital daily activities, photos/videos, and educational information. Make your center’s management simpler, fun and more productive.

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Childcare Directors and Teachers

Child Journal is a platform to move along with the current technologically advanced management systems in the most affordable manner

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Steps to get started


Create an Account

Click on signup and follow the steps to finish the registration.


Get Setup

Get your login details and import all your data with the click of a button.


Start Using

Send invites to staff/parents and start managing your daycare with Child Journal.

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Download For Free

Child Journal is available for free on Android, iPhone, iPad, and Web browsers that can work seamlessly on all the devices from anywhere at anytime

User Testimonials

Child Journal is used by hundreds of childcare centers and their families in over 10 countries. Here are some of their reviews

Working at a Montessori preschool, you have parents picking up their children at different times. I had to stay after my time to ensure each parent was getting their invoice. So inconvenient! I no longer have to do that! I create digital invoices within the app and send them to each parent so that they could receive them in their email. It’s truly a lifesaver and a timesaver.


Absolutely satisfied with the fact that I am now able to save money on resources. I no longer have to record my tasks on paper. I simply open the app and everything is organized in one digital platform.


I love being able to communicate with my child's teacher throughout the day. It makes me feel very content that I could locate Child Journal on my phone and get a hold of his teacher immediately. It always brings a sense of ease to know he's doing great.

Child Journal keeps student activities organized. This is a great pro if you need to showcase student activities to licensing. You simply log in to the application, and you can see a history of activities for each student.


The calendar option in Child Journal always keeps me in the know of the school's events. It's great because I know what's going on and can always be available if any assistance is needed.

Kat Howard