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Child Journal Compatible Devices
By Jessy 25 February 2019

As a Child Care provider you have your reasons for starting a daycare center and become a business owner. After doing the base work of licensing, classroom decors, hiring teachers, getting meal plan contracts etc, it all comes down to the promotion and marketing techniques you use to become a successful business owner.

Evaluate your plan well

When deciding your daycare’s program style and hours of operation, it is very important to think about many factors - especially consider your location, income levels of families around you and the type of daycares that are presently running successfully there. Different types of daycares include: all day centers; part time centers; first-come first served drop-in centers; in-home centers; daycares limited to a particular institute (eg: hospitals, gym etc…)

Promote online

In this age of digitalization, online promotions has shown a positive outburst in its reach and acceptance rate. You’ll have the opportunity to reach out to a wider group of targeted customers (parents actively looking for daycares) at much lower promotion costs. Make sure you use the right keywords to make search easier and more effective.

Latest word of mouth techniques

Earlier, word of mouth promotion method was limited to its literal meaning - people’s interaction with each other, the network of which wasn’t that wide. These days apart from that, word of mouth has spread to online sharing and reviews. Parents consider the daycares with top reviews as their first priority. So it is important to encourage your current customers to post reviews online.

Host social gatherings and participate in community events

Hosting get-togethers and participating in your local community events is a great way to socialize with current and prospective customers, leaving a positive opinion in their minds about your daycare. Get-togethers can be as small as a snow-cone day to thanksgiving lunches. Just keep it fun and active.

Child Journal Compatible Devices

Speak the millennials language

Right now, more than 80 percent of the new parents are millennials and most of them tend to join back work as soon as 3-4 months after the baby is born. Mobile phones and social media are a major part of their lives. Therefore when looking for a daycare, they’d want to choose someone that speaks their language, keeps them informed and stays at par with the modern online trends.

Use a childcare management app

Using a childcare management app like Child Journal will not only ease out your daycare’s management process, it has also proved to increase daycare’s enrollment rates significantly by making communication seamless with parents and giving them big smiles and immense joy by sharing precious photos and videos of their lil ones during their busy work schedules. It will not only increase your daycare’s standards, but also make the parents relieved that their child is safe.

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