Reasons Why Your Daycare Needs a Website

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By Jessy 10 February 2019

Running your childcare service is no easy task, and your checklist is guaranteed never to end. But this shouldn't be an excuse to take shortcuts when it comes to creating your childcare website and increasing your online visibility. It's vital to position your business online in a strong, professional destination to give parents the motivation to engage with your services. With this in mind, let's learn why having a good website is essential.

First Impression is the Best Impression

Let's face it! We live in a world where parents Google before they choose a daycare, and visit review sites like Yelp before they enroll their kids to childcare. Why? Because they're looking for quality services. They judge based on the center's website and quickly mark you off as an option when they learn they can't find you online. People certainly weren't kidding when they said the first impression is the best impression. A good website informs and reassures parents and families that you know what you are doing and can deliver what they need. So, building an online presence is crucial.

Never put up the ‘close hours’ sign again

Nobody wants to work at 11 p.m., but parents are looking for information at all times. Having your business website means that parents can learn about you and your services all the time and not simply between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. An online website mean you can continuously serve parents online and increase your credibility as a childcare service provider. Combining your management with Child Journal - Childcare website builder helps you increase your current enrollment and gain credibility.

Child Journal Compatible Devices

Keeps Parents informed

A great childcare website always provides contact details to help parents communicate with the center where their children attend. Always ensure your website clearly includes your location and contact information with names, email, and a phone number. Aside from helping parents stay in touch with you, your website can also serve as a platform to inform parents and families of upcoming events, enrollment dates, news, and reminders. Consider adding a News or Blog section that parents can refer to for the latest news about the events at your center.

Keep Parents uptodate

Most parents rarely take the time to read bulletin boards or are usually in a rush to do anything else but pick up their children after work. Browsing through a website to learn what's happening at your child's daycare is always easier since you can do it at your convenience. Make sure you are using your web page to keep parents up to date with tuition fees and rates, teacher information, meal plans, FAQ's, and so much more.

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