Challenges in the child care sector and how to resolve them

By Erika Rivera 26 January 2021

Working with children is not a walk in the park as most people would think. In fact, a job in childcare has many challenges that get in the way of a provider’s goals and their general duties. Although the immense amount of difficulties that a child care provider faces in the early childhood realm can seem discouraging and tough to take on, there are solutions that can ease one’s tasks and make goals and objectives possible in the early childhood setting.

Below are four of the most common challenges and what child care practitioners can do to resolve them.

Child Journal

Too much paperwork and very little time and resources

One of the biggest challenges a daycare director faces is the overwhelming amount of paperwork they have to fulfill. From printing teacher time cards, prepare activity logs for the week, create invoices, and the list can go on. On some occasions, these responsibilities are shared with teachers as directors take on other tasks, forcing teachers to shift their attention toward these demands to secure the facility's proper flow when authority figures are not around. However, the massive amount of paperwork is not the only challenge. Insufficient resources are often the reason why it's difficult for child care practitioners to meet their daily duties. When child care centers face these types of circumstances, both work performance and a daycare's quality standards drop significantly, affecting the child care center as a whole. Although these scenarios can be enough to discourage anyone trying to start a career in the early childhood sector or who wants to own a daycare, there is no reason to lose hope as there are alternatives that save time, money, and resources. Childcare management systems like Child Journal, for example, can simplify the way daycare practitioners handle their child care tasks. Child Journal helps eliminate the need for paper as it digitizes your duties so you can fulfill them electronically through the web or your mobile application. This means that you no longer have to drive to the teacher's store to buy paper and pens. Everything is secured in one safe platform, so that time and money are not jeopardized, and most importantly, you can spend enough time with the most valuable people in your care; the children. Most daycare owners have seen significant improvements and productivity because Child Journal genuinely helps make their child care tasks possible.

Difficulty communicating with parents

Communication makes our duties possible no matter what field or sector we’re in, but when messages don’t get across to others, jobs and responsibilities become difficult to fulfill. This is another reason why child care professionals can’t always meet deadlines or job descriptions that are essential and need to take place daily at a center. Trying to communicate in this business could be challenging because parents, teachers, and administrators aren’t always available simultaneously, making it hard to talk about a child’s academic progress, tuition, and many other important matters. However, using technology-based software can improve communication and increase your daycare's overall quality because it helps centers run smoothly. Also, many parents and prospective families look for these options before making enrollment decisions. Parents want to have the chance to connect with teachers and their children when they are away fulfilling their own job demands. Child Journal, for example, is one of the most convenient and highly-considered platforms for communication because it keeps everyone connected at all times, and parents love daycares that use it. There’s no need to wait on each other to discuss important information because you can do everything from your phone to guarantee the delivery of important messages when it’s necessary.

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Childcare spaces won’t fill quickly enough

Another hard difficulty that’s faced in the early childhood realm is the inability to fill daycare spaces fast. Therefore, the most immediate question every provider should ask themselves is, ‘what am I doing to get noticed and considered?’ There are so many creative approaches you can look into to increase enrollment and fill those empty spaces fast. Firstly, think about aspects that can make your daycare center unique. What is it that you can do to win over that customer who’s trying to decide between you and your competitor? One of the changes that can work in your favor is to get modernized. Consider using childcare management systems that break away from the way you traditionally handle your daycare tasks. Believe it or not, parents are more likely to enroll their children in a daycare center where they’re using platforms like Child Journal, which can keep them in the loop of their children's day-to-day routines. These aspects immediately bring a sense of trust because there’s guaranteed communication and connection throughout the day. Something that makes parents extremely happy and comfortable with. You can also get yourself a presence on the web. Most parents are more encouraged to enroll their children in a center they can learn about online through their unique page.

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Not enough support or funds for educational materials

Every childcare provider knows how difficult it is to fulfill educational demands with little to no funds. You find yourself excluding certain educational plans to consider the ones that you can work on based on the materials you have at your disposal. Sometimes you never even get to the ones you’ve excluded because you never obtain the required materials. And you can only do so much with some of your house findings as house materials are not always adequate for certain activities. But what options can help providers remedy these scenarios? Consider fundraising! Fundraising is a great way to improve the challenges early childhood practitioners encounter when providing an adequate education. But you can’t do it alone! Start by working as a team with those with your same goals. Involve every teacher at your daycare and even include the parents to ensure you’ve created a team that cares to make a difference. Next, think about what you can do to raise funds. If you need help considering options that can work, read through Five ideas that can help ECE's raise funds for educational resources to spark ideas and get your team prepared. All it takes is determination and a team that's willing to work together and make a difference in every students' education.

It’s not hard to get your center where you want it to be, so long as you analyze the facts and work together to create the change you want to see.