Five ideas that can aid ECE's in raising funds for educational resources

By Erika Rivera 29 October 2019

One of the biggest problems teachers face in the early childhood sector is the inability to meet curriculum expectations due to the lack of funding. Because materials are scarce, and not enough effort is implemented to help teachers achieve their curriculum demands, the expectation to engage students in activities that educate and aid in their development is almost impossible to meet.

The team at Child Journal has witnessed the difficulties that teachers face to make a difference in students' lives, so we thought it would be essential to step in and offer a few helpful fundraising options.

Child Journal Fund Raising

Below are five ideas that can aid in raising funds for education.

Have a carnival outside your center

Any entertainment is always a good idea because people are always looking for ways to enjoy themselves and have a good time. A carnival usually brings lots of families together, so you can expect numerous people at your event. The biggest advantage of hosting a carnival is that you can achieve it at a low cost. For example, you can have teachers conduct face painting sessions where the children can get a face painting or have the kids play bowling at a bowling station. The activity options are endless, but you also want to make sure that the games are captivating and engaging so that kids feel moved to try them out. It would also be a good idea to rent a small bouncy house to have something a little extraordinary for children to look forward to. You can decide whether you want to sell tickets (at low cost) for each game or have an admissions fee. It’s really up to you.

Offer fitness classes

Hosting a fitness class can aid in raising funds for education. You’d be surprised how many people will consider your classes over the gym because so many individuals prefer getting their work out where they can actually work out. Gyms tend to get overpacked, and having to wait for machines while others are using them can get a little frustrating. You can host these classes and charge a low entrance fee, and you can decide what days are convenient for you to host them. To ensure parents are aware of these classes, don’t hesitate to send them a notification through Child Journal to keep them informed of the days and times your classes will take place. You can also create flyers to share with people outside the daycare. Making classes open to the community can help increase funds, and word of mouth can also help expand attendees.

Have the afterschool kids host a car wash

A car wash is probably one of the oldest fundraising methods on this list, but it’s very effective if you know how to realize it. Before initiating it, it’s a good idea to browse through the city and find an area where it can take place. Once you find the right spot, take note of the time the area is mostly busy and plan to have the car wash when you foresee activity. Once you’ve established that, ensure that you purchase the necessary products to perform the car wash and encourage your students' parents (particularly the ones whose children will be participating in the car wash) to volunteer. You can have them make flyers detailing car wash fees and be present to hold them up during the car wash. Determine how much you will charge and appoint someone to collect the earned funds.

Host an educational BINGO event

Organizing an educational bingo event could be a great opportunity for children to have fun and learn while playing. To ensure that you obtain attendees, you can start by tracking parents whose children can benefit from this event. Perhaps you have a few students who are struggling with letter recognition or shape identification. You can contact their parents through Child Journal to discuss the event and how it could benefit the child’s academic progress. Doing this will help secure your attendees and foster opportunities for children to raise competency in these areas. You could also entice the parents by making it a pocket-friendly event where you’ll only charge a small fee for each bingo card. Hosting a bingo is a win-win event because you raise funds while the kids are enjoying themselves and learning.

Sell your skills

Many of us have skills that we could use to our advantage. Why not put them out there to raise money for your school? You could even ask other teachers or parents if they, too, are willing to teach others what they know to help raise funds. Start by speaking to your students’ parents about this idea and learn what skills they possess. Analyze each skill and determine which one is highly likely to sell and then encourage that individual to volunteer and teach that skill to help the school.