Three easy Mother’s Day crafts to create with your kiddies

By Erika Rivera 28 April 2021

The gifts that mommies enjoy the most are those that come from their children.

Below are three easy crafts you can create with just a few inexpensive materials.

Child Journal Thankgiving For Preschoolers

I love you to pieces card.

- Pink construction paper
- Scissors
- Yarn
- A variety of tissue paper colors

What I enjoy most about this activity is that the creation looks fancy, but you could create it easily with a few simple materials.

Start by folding the pink construction paper in half. Add the words “I love you to pieces” to the cover.

Draw a heart on the cover and then cut it out completely. Set the heart aside.

Have the kids tear small pieces of tissue paper. The kids will enjoy fulfilling this part as they also strengthen their fine motor development. Ensure that they are tearing every color so that they could have unique pieces to select from.

Next, add glue dots to the heart and have the kids glue the small pieces of tissue paper.

The main goal of this activity is for the children to have fun but monitor the way they are gluing the pieces to ensure each color is glued separately from each other.

Then, glue a piece of yarn on the back of the heart to make it a heart ornament. Next, place the heart inside the card and complete. The children should have finished a craft that will surely bring some color into a mommy’s life.

Don’t forget to photograph the children during this activity and share the creation through Child Journal for the parents to see.

Rose handprint

Materials :
- White and Green construction paper
- Paint/Paintbrush
- Green pipe cleaners
- Scissors

Trace the child’s hand on white construction paper and cut around it.

Draw petal shapes on green paper to make leaves. You can do this ahead of time to keep the activity short to prolong a child’s attention span and keep them interested.

Next, have the kiddies paint their hand to brighten it up and give it color.

Add dots of glue to the lower part of the hand and encourage the kids to paste the leaves.

Turn the Rose Handprint around and tape the green pipe cleaner to conclude.

Child Journal Thankgiving For Preschoolers

Wooden Mother’s Day Frame

- Wooden popsicle sticks
- Markers
- String
- Clear Tape

Give each child seven popsicle sticks and have them color each one a different color.

Once they’ve accomplished this, add sweet phrases to each popsicle stick. You can interview each of the kids to learn what they love about their mom and fill each popsicle stick with their response.

Turn the popsicle sticks around and add clear tape all around the sticks to attach them.

Continue by taping the string and voila.