Why it's a good idea to use newsletters to communicate

By Erika Rivera 13 February 2020

Why it's a good idea to use newsletters to communicate

If you own a childcare business, you know that there’s always information you want to share with your student’s parents like dates to important events or valuable information about tuition rates. But, posting your messages on bulletin boards or the front door has become a waste of time as you notice the way parents come in and out without acknowledging the important information. And, can you blame them? Probably not! After all, they’re drained from a long day at work. The last thing they want to do is take the time to read every poster on the board. For this reason, it’s crucial to turn to resources that can aid in getting your points across in an effective and reliable way. Newsletters are the way to go if you want to ensure your parents notice your news.

Below are 5 reasons why you should switch to newsletters to communicate with your parents:

Parents will open and read their email at their convenience

After a long day of work, all we want to do is fulfill the most important tasks of our day and get home to a mode of relaxation. Parents are no different! Once they've arrived at daycare, the goal is to get their children in the car as quickly as possible. This means no time to read important messages nor converse with the daycare admin. For this reason, it's essential to use methods that will work for both the daycare center and the parents. Newsletters can aid in meeting your communication needs because they're delivered as emails and parents can open them at their convenience. Admins and teachers no longer have to wait to speak to those parents who have continuously overlooked important information. Newsletters help break the inconvenience so that messages are getting delivered and read when they're supposed to.

Encourages creativity to reduce the chances of getting ignored

It’s easy for a pinned message to get ignored when a bulletin board is loaded with dull posters that look boring and colorless. A digital newsletter gives you the chance to make your messages fun and interesting to read. Most newsletter generators offer plenty of design tools that can make your messages unique and exciting. Child Journal, for example, offers premium users a newsletter option that allows you to design messages to your liking. Remember that we live in a visual world, and people are attracted to interesting elements. So, make sure that you’re implementing concepts that help you get noticed as these elements will ultimately determine the effectiveness of your messages.

Fosters communication to increase awareness of everything that’s happening at your daycare

Communication is vital for the proper flow of your daycare, and without it, we wouldn’t be able to make things happen. When messages are properly delivered, the people who receive them learn information that promotes an action so that situations can take effect and be realized. Not knowing what is going on at daycare, usually brings problematic scenarios that end up ruining your plans and goals. Newsletters are very reliable and can aid in making sure everyone is in the loop of the events at daycare.

Aids in highlighting student accomplishments

Every parent enjoys learning how well their child is doing at school. Newsletters are a great way to showcase student accomplishments so that parents are informed of their child’s academic performance. Most parents tend to worry about their child’s academic experience, but newsletters can be useful in helping parents feel more at ease. Newsletters that highlight student accomplishments also spark parent-teacher communication which helps build a positive relationship between the parent and teacher.

Newsletters make great reminders

It’s very common to deal with parents who are forgetful or with those who want to avoid having to talk to the administrator about that past due amount that is owed. Whatever the reason is, situations like these can become awkward to the admin. Newsletters are a helpful way to send reminders about aspects that are difficult to discuss verbally. Sending newsletters also saves you time. Parents pick up and drop off their children at different times. So, waiting around for a parent can be inconvenient for the admin as they have many other tasks ahead to address. With a simple emailed newsletter, admins can go about their day with ease because they’ve sent that important reminder.

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