Benefits of Using Childcare Application

Child Journal Compatible Devices
By Jessy 28 February 2019

Daycare facilities are now becoming indispensable, especially for the millennial working parents who need a safe place to take care of their kids during their busy work schedules. While being engaged in their daily work routines, they can’t stop bothering about their children’s wellbeing and growth. They want to be a part of their child’s daily activities which entail feeding, cleaning, sleeping, playing and learning, as much as possible. Although daycares communicate some of these activities through paper journaling by filling up a number of forms and writing long reports on daily achievements for each individual kid, they aren’t very much appreciated or viewed by the parents, the way it should be.

Right now, more and more daycares are opting for various online solutions to manage their daycare’s activities and parent communications. By going online, not only do daycares increase their productivity, but it also helps them attract more customers by going the millennial way. But finding one efficient and cost effective all-in-one daycare management can be a challenge. That is why our team carefully discussed with various daycare directors about the everyday management needs and created Child Journal - an all in one software to manage all of your daycare activities - from managing student logs, health records and attendance to parent communications, online payment system, staff management and much more. Minimise the use of paper by maintaining all the records online. Save money and time.

Why go with Child Journal for your daycare’s management

  • ● User friendly
  • ● Save money and time
  • ● Save everything on cloud
  • ● Available on all major platforms - Web App, Android App, iOS App
  • ● Encrypted Data
  • ● 24x7 customer support

Child Journal is an app, designed exclusively for those who want to manage a complete hassle free daycare center. We aim at reducing the workload, increasing the productivity and keeping your data secure simultaneously. By adopting this cloud-based, easy to use and the human-friendly solution you can avail a wide range of benefits like:

  • ● Online Parents communication
  • ● Instant photo/video sharing
  • ● Child activities posting (nap, meals, outing etc…)
  • ● Accurate Check-in/out Record
  • ● Extensive child records
  • ● Share announcements
  • ● Manage reports
  • ● Staff attendance management
  • ● Generate invoices
  • ● Online payments