How will your child care center rise from this sudden worldwide crisis?

By Erika Rivera 24 March 2020

How will your child care center rise from this sudden worldwide crisis?

As you prepare for a new academic year, you’re probably wondering how the circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus will impact your center and deciding what marketing efforts will work to get your business running again.

Do you need help rising from this unforseen pandemic?

Continue reading to learn what tools will lift your business from this sudden fall and get your center running as it should.

Will your current clients continue services at your childcare center?

This all depends on whether or not you’ve built a credible and reliable business. Most current and prospective clients want the ability to envision your goals so that they’re more moved to consider you over anyone else. An online presence, for example, is crucial if you want your current clients and prospects to trust your business mission and believe that you’re the right center for their child. An online presence can have a massive impact on client retainment and future enrollment.

You know you need a presence on the web, but what’s the most reliable tool?

Turn to Child Journal website builder! A good website always raises awareness of your child care business and helps boost enrollment because it:

  • - Gives clients a place they can browse through for program information
  • - Creates a great first impression
  • - Convinces people that if your website looks good, then your center is credible
  • - Gives clients a blog they could read for educational news & parent resources
  • - Offers clients the ability to conveniently enroll their kids online with an online form

It all sounds great, but you’re discouraged because you don’t possess the necessary coding skills to build a website.

Don’t let this fear keep you from building something amazing. With Child Journal website builder, you don’t need any coding skills. All you need is a keen eye for design so you can browse through a variety of ready-made templates and choose the one that better suits your center.

You’d like to move forward but concerned about the cost?

We know how much you’ve spent on food and supplies during this worldwide crisis, so we wouldn’t be suggesting a product that could hurt your pockets. Child Journal website builder is always affordable so that money is never the reason why you’re excluding a resource that can strengthen the success of your business.

What other methods can help retain my current customers and possibly boost enrollment?


Child Journal helps you accomplish that!

Child care staff, as well as parents, benefit from a product that can keep everyone organized and communicated.

Parents are fond of centers that offer a professional atmosphere where everything is in order.

Child Journal is the resource that keeps all of your paper tasks in one platform and encourages communication between parents and staff.

Setting up the application and having it ready beforehand can also help your marketing efforts because you can turn to it to start conversations that can convince your current parents that they should continue choosing you over anyone else.

How can you do this?

Offer incentives or discounts that will entice them! You can even ask your happy parents for referrals that can encourage prospects to enroll their children at your school.

Want us to help you get ready for the new academic year? The team at Child Journal is prepared to help make this year the best year.