Easy-to-make St. Patrick's Pop-up Card

By Erika Rivera 08 March 2021

A child care provider’s top priorities are the kids under her care, which is why they rarely choose activities that will take too much of their time and become a distraction. However, they still want to engage the kids in fun and distinctive crafts that stand out. For this reason, we’ve put together a quick easy-to-make St. Patrick’s Day pop-card that you’ll surely pin to your list of favorites for its simplicity and uniqueness.

Materials :

- Orange, green, and white construction paper

- Scissors

- Glue Stick

- Black Marker

- Pencil

Making the Shamrock

Locate a two-inch piece of green construction paper and fold it twice. Next, cut around it like a heart but not completely, and trim until you shape a four-leaf clover or shamrock.

Making the hat

Then, cut a small rectangular piece of green construction paper (this will create the top of the hat) and a skinnier rectangular piece of paper (this will form the hat’s base). You can trim it if you find that it’s too wide.

Making the face

Next, make an outline of your thumb on white paper to make a face and cut around it to shape the leprechaun’s face. You’ll repeat the same step on orange construction paper to make the leprechaun’s beard, but make the outline slightly bigger. Set all of the cut pieces aside.

Making the card

Now, fold a sizable orange construction paper in half (fold both the front and back) and then cut it in half. You should have two pieces (two cards). Next, take both pieces and fold them in half.

Next, cut a small rectangular groove between one of the cards (this will be inside the card) and fold the groove back. Then, flip it over and fold it back again. Now, open the card and bend the pop-up inside. This is where you will glue the clover/shamrock. Continue by adding a small amount of glue on the top part of the bent piece of construction paper and the shamrock, and it should be properly glued.

Gluing the card together

Now, locate the other piece of construction paper and add glue all over the paper's right side. This piece will be on the outside and will serve to hide the pop-up card's hole. Now, glue the back of the pop-up card to this piece.

Next, do the same (add glue) to the front of the inside of the pop-up card (but don't add glue to the hole; otherwise it will stick) and paste the front flap toward the glue. The card should now be ready.

Decorate the card

Continue by decorating the card. Put together the leprechaun as displayed in the photo, and add any of your favorite phrases.

Don’t forget to photograph the kids and take video footage of this activity so you can post it on Child Journal for the parents to see.