Five fun Valentine’s Day ideas to implement at your childcare center

By Erika Rivera 10 February 2020

Valentine's Day is a special occasion for people everywhere, as it's an opportunity to show those you love how much they mean to you with candy and unique gifts. For childcare teachers, It's a chance to develop lesson plans that involve arts and crafts, which can foster fun learning and creativity.

Below are five engaging arts & crafts ideas that will entertain and educate your students this Valentine's Day.

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Valentine’s day coloring sheets

Teachers can never go wrong by selecting coloring activities no matter what theme they are working on or what holiday is being celebrated as these activities are kid favorites. Although coloring could seem like a simple activity, it's a great way to strengthen a child's fine motor skills. Unfortunately, when these skills are not emphasized in the classroom setting, academic learning becomes difficult and discouraging to children because they are unable to perform the necessary tasks that are demanded in class. Coloring activities can encourage children to hold their crayons or writing material properly while focusing their eyes on the coloring task to improve hand-eye coordination. Coloring is also a creative way for kids to enjoy themselves and socialize with other children.

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Foods that are good for your heart

When you visualize Valentine's Day, the first shape that comes to mind is the heart. So it makes sense for teachers to have children make heart-shaped activities or bring heart-shaped treats and goodies, which is fine. But make sure children are learning a thing or two. Discussing the importance of our own heart and what foods can strengthen its function can help children become knowledgeable about their bodies and what they can do to stay healthy. This activity can also improve their oral language skills as they respond to the teacher's questions and discuss the activity as a class.

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Valentine’s Day Handprint and poem

Parents love coming home to a surprise from their children. And Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to make them feel special and loved. To prepare this activity, have red construction paper and a poem of choice. Paste the poem on the construction paper (you could do this a day before the activity to have it ready) as this will help keep the activity less tedious and exciting to kids. Then, paint each child's hand, give them the proper directions to avoid a mess, and allow them to print their hand on the construction paper. Children will enjoy making this activity, and parents will have a beautiful piece of artwork to cherish forever.

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Pipe cleaner Heart bracelets

Bracelets are always fun to make no matter whether the child is a boy or a girl. If it involves good fun, then you're sure not to hear any fuss. With a few inexpensive materials, children will enjoy making heart-shaped bracelets that make great Valentine's Day jewelry. Not only will the children stay engaged, but this is another activity that aids in improving hand-eye coordination. Make sure that you also encourage them to do some counting as they are handling the heart-shaped beads as these make good counters.

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Valentine Heart balloons

When celebrating Valentine's Day, you can never have too many hearts. For this activity, have the children cut various colors of construction paper into heart shapes. It could help the kids if you trace hearts on the construction paper before they start cutting, as this could work as a helpful guide for cutting precise heart shapes. Of course, flaws are welcome, but good teachers always help their students do their best. Then, paste strings on a construction paper to emulate balloon string, followed by the heart shapes. To make this activity educational, have the children name the colors of the heart balloons.

No matter what fun activity you choose, do not forget to share pictures with parents using the Child Journal app.