Fun Easter ideas for daycares and preschools

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By Jessy 11 April 2019

Easter is just around the corner. Is your center ready with some festive ideas?

Easter is more than beautifully decorated eggs, bunnies, and goodies. Ester signifies a new life and marks the beginning of new blooms (Spring). It celebrates Lord Jesus Christ’s resurrection after 3 days of being crucified. It is the most important festival for Christians and kids love this day because of so many activities and fun they can have! Below are some cool ideas to celebrate the joy of Easter with the little ones!

  • 1. Reverse Egg-hunt

    Usually, in Egg hunts, kids search for Easter eggs filled with goodies hidden in random places in the daycare/preschool. In reverse Egg hunt, you can give the kids some empty plastic eggs and ask them to find the goodies from your backyard/garden or hide some goodies and let them do the hunting! You can instruct them in what to find. Check out this fabulous idea by Crystal and Company!

  • 2. Fun math printable mats

    Download and print these reusable sheets and teach the kids maths in a creative way!

  • 3. Creative Easter story

    Tell the resurrection story to the kids by making a DIY explanatory set of eggs inspired by this page.

  • 4. Homemade Easter-Egg baskets

    Get the kids involved in making these super fun egg baskets using recyclable egg cartons! You can ask the parents to send some Easter eggs and egg cartons. Here’s a detailed idea. You can use this basket for the reverse egg hunt too.

  • 5. Get the Families Involved

    Throw an Easter party at your center for parents and kids to celebrate this joyous day! You can involve the parents by asking a parent to tell the Easter story, play some fun games like bunny hop and finish up with lunch/snacks. You can also organize a potluck. Nothing brings more happiness to a parent than seeing their kids are raised in a homely and safe environment.

  • 6. Stack the cracks

    After the Egg-hunt, let the kids open the plastic eggs and collect the goodies. Then ask them to use the open eggs and stack the halves one over the other. Whoever makes the tallest tower, wins!

  • 7. Get “Cookie”ing

    Bake out some cookies and cut them with bunny shaped cookie cutters. Now let the kids decorate them with edibles and take them home to show the parents their productive day at the center.

  • 8. Spring Bean Clean

    Give each kid a small bowl filled with jelly beans of different colors - preferably with the color of plastic eggs that you have and let them sort and fill their eggs.

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